Dunaskin Doon Band
About Us
The Band was formed on the 4th March 1869. It is felt that the band originally was formed
as a works band at a time when the iron furnaces at Waterside were in full production.
The band has always been self supporting. Through fundraising, local authority grants and
the band's patronage scheme, the high standards of Dunaskin Doon Band are maintained
and its future ensured. Dunaskin Doon Band has played at many venues over the years,
including corporate events in Aberdeen, weddings in Troon, galas in Strathaven, concerts
in Ayr Gaiety Theatre and contests in The Wembley Arena, Harrogate and Cheltenham.
Music of all types available from Classical to Modern, Opera to Pop, from Marches to the

Dunaskin Doon Band are now rehearsing in Ayr Indoor Bowling Club, Lothian Road, Ayr on
Monday and Thursday evenings from 19:30 - 21:30. If you, or anyone you know, are
interested in joining our friendly and ambitious band then please get in touch.

Dunaskin Doon Band is a Scottish Brass band with a history of performing that extends
over 140 years. To check on availability, or to make a booking, please email:
bookings@ddband.co.uk or for further information please send a message through the
'Contact Us' page on this site.
Cheltenham Fundraising:
President's 11 Mile Sponsored Walk
Unfortunately our President, Angus
Cochrane, missed the band's first
rehearsal in 1869 due to having
homework!?! - he hasn't missed many
more rehearsals since then (although
he does have a few holidays every
year!) ... in fact he recently walked 11
miles to boost the coffers in the band's
fund for the National Championships.
Read more here...
Just Giving - Text Donation
I must firstly begin with a massive
thank you, on behalf of all our
members, to everyone that has
donated to our Cheltenahm Fund - the
support received has been fantastic.
One of the schemes that our
treasurer (and soprano cornet), Hugh
Scullion, came up with was to have a
Just Giving page, allowing for text
message donations. Due to the
wonders of social media this page/text
number has been shared ... and
shared ... and shared !! and so far has
raised a total of 180. If you happen to
have any spare pennies please text
'DDSB14 1,2,3,4,5 or 10' to
eg. DDSB14 2 to 70070
Thank you!

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