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National Championships 2014
Just Giving - Text Donation
I must firstly begin with a massive
thank you, on behalf of all our
members, to everyone that has
donated to our Cheltenahm Fund - the
support received has been fantastic.
One of the schemes that our
treasurer (and soprano cornet), Hugh
Scullion, came up with was to have a
Just Giving page, allowing for text
message donations. Due to the
wonders of social media this page/text
number has been shared ... and
shared ... and shared !! and so far has
raised a total of 180. If you happen to
have any spare pennies please text
'DDSB14 1,2,3,4,5 or 10' to
i.e DDSD14 2
Thank you!
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Dunaskin Doon Band is a Registered Charity in Scotland - SCO06165
Cheltenham Fundraising:
President's 11 Mile Sponsored Walk
Unfortunately our President, Angus
Cochrane, missed the band's first
rehearsal in 1869 due to having
homework!?! - he hasn't missed many
more rehearsals since then (although
he does have a few holidays every
year!) ... in fact he recently walked 11
miles to boost the coffers in the band's
fund for the National Championships.
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Have you heard the news ?! Did you hear correctly ?! Oh yes you did for Dunaskin have just returned home from taking 2nd place in the 3rd Section of the National Brass Band Championships 2014 held in Cheltenham.

It is a huge achievement for Dunaskin and we are also the first Scottish band in 14 years to come home with such a result.

Our success has been an emotional one but well received and enjoyed by us all yet one day on we still find it almost unbelievable to be true. However, the band have had little or no time to have a proper summer break because we have had an extremely busy year organising and putting in sheer hard work in preparation for this memorable event.

It goes without saying we must say special thanks to all that were involved with the organisation, fundraising events and activities in the run up to the contest. Of course Dunaskin being directed by Gary Williams in his usual enthusiastic, motivational and extremely professional fashion brought out every last detail, style and musical approach which enabled us to deliver such a credible performance. The band feels privileged to have such a role model and appreciate all his efforts very much.

The band knew only too well that they had areas where in practice were of better standard than we produced on stage but look forward to building more confidence, experience and improvement as we continue our journey.

One thing I can assure you of is that we are hugely delighted with the result and it was certainly one heck of a celebration on the long journey home !
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