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Dunaskin Doon Band
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est. 1869
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Dunaskin Heritage Site - the original Home and heartland of the Band.

The buildings still display the many features that made this the industrial centre that it was. The site  was used for the cleaning of coal, brought from the local mines prior to ongoing transportation, the creation of iron using the many ores and resources shipped in to the site, the famous engineering bricks that were made in the vast kilns from the local clay. The Chimneys that still stands today plus the famous, listed, Large Steam powered Pumping House built by local engineer McAdam.
The site was integrated with the main Dalmellington- Ayr railway line and was used extensively for the transport of the locally produced coal, Iron and Brick production lines.
Nowadays, the site is used mainly as  tourist spot for those wishing to experience the working life of past generations involved in the Coal, Iron and Brickworks with a special interest being taken with regard to the restoration and up keep of the Steam trains and Engines, some of which were used locally, and others within the National Network.
The Ayrshire Steam Railway Preservation Group have spent countless hours restoring and preserving the small Railway Station on the site, the many different engines and carriages on the lines and indeed the site's buildings themselves.
During the Summer Months, and many other Holiday weekends, the Preservation Group get the Trains running on the tracks for all visitors, young and old, to experience STEAM travel as it was in the 'OLDEN' days.  
View of the Dunaskin Site from across the Doon Valley.
The Dunaskin Doon Silver Band circa 1930.